Company overview
Khalima security is geared to deliver services to meet the set quality standards. The track record of Khalima services is not easy to back track at this stage although individual can tell. The customer service and positive attitude is the blend of the staff of Khalima Security. The reputation of Khalima Security Company entirely depends on the professionalism and integrity to which the company is committed to delivering. The appropriate training given to Khalima officers ensures the vigilance, competence, and technical security skills which enable the maintenance of the high service standards. Khalima security since it's inception, the company has adopted the principle of efficiency and effectiveness in work approach. The proper business control measures ensure the policy of fairness and discipline. The company policy guidelines regulate the company performance, which results in the attainment of excellence. We have a 24hr monitoring base station that provides a back-up service to all the on duty officers. There is an Armed Reaction Unit that provides a back-up service to the on duty officers and also responds to off alarms. Khalima has Grade E to A officers registered with S.O.B.


Khalima Security aimed to become a determined role player, on regional , national and international basis, in crime prevention on human life and property, to curtail losses of our clients by providing professional and integrated service in the following fields:
• Retail and commercial industry;
• Industrial zone;
• Banking industry;
• VIP protection and special events;
• Transportation or cargo removers.


Khalima Security Services endeavours to maintain the following values of paramount importance in achieving its core values:
• Customer satisfaction;
• Our employees, our biggest asset;
• Guidance of Labour Relations Policy;
• Delivery of professional and effective service;
• Delegation of subordinates through authority;
• Empowerment of previously disadvantaged individuals;
• Research and development in all fields of security, on an ongoing basis; and
• Maintaining National network, which enables to serve all clients effectively.


We have members who are qualified to render competent service in the Security industry manages our contracts. They also require practical experience in the industry and have the knowledge that is expected in the Security Industry. The responsibility to manage and control the service on a day-to-day basis will be vested in the operations management.

Khalima’s personnel are trained by Independent Protective Services at its training centre at Pinetown. The training centre is accredited by the Security Officers Board to train from Grade E to A and National Key Point. Before Khalima considers a candidate for employment, he/she firstly undergoes the following tests:

• Potential index battery tests - to assess whether a candidate suits the post.
• Brian skill observation - to measure candidate’s intellectual abilities.
• Voice stress analysis - to determine the authenticity of a candidate.


Khalima shall request the client to provide the following:
• Change-room and toilets
• Access to telephone
• Enough lighting
• Other necessary facilities depending on the vicinity

There is always a room for improvement in every activity, thus Khalima hopes that the unique approach will make a tremendous positive impact on the improvement of the provision of security services. Khalima is flexible enough to understand and adjust to the changes of market dynamics. We strive to deliver the best the quality services every time and We are completely a client based company.
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