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We can provide the following…

Khalima security offers System design , installation and maintenance of intruder (burglar) alarms, fire alarms, closed circuit television (CCTV) and access control systems for industrial, commercial and residential properties.

  • Dome CCTV
  • Harrdrive
  • Bullet CCTV
  • Screens
  • Motion detector
  • Installations

Advanced security

With latest technologies, the security of your premises can be one tab away using your cellphone. Delivering quality HD videos through static IP address you can control your home 24/7. Systems can be simple stand alone types or more sophisticated, computer controlled, with an appointed system administrator.


Access control systems

we can install and maintain a system to control entry onto premises and /or movement from one internal area to another.All access control systems are dependent upon a form of recognition trigger, this could be one of many available, but are typically proximity swipe cards, PIN codes, identify fobs or bio metric recognition.


Understanding CCTV

CCTV may work as a stand alone security option, or in conjunction with other security products and services. Modern CCTV systems provide a useful source to gather information and, and to act as a deterrent from intrusion, vandalism, theft and loitering. A wide range of external and internal systems is offered for covert and overt installations, incorporating modern technologies – to suit all budgets. Cameras are available in mono, color, daylight, low-light and infra red configurations. Remote system monitoring and a response service can be explained and offered.