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Door supervisions


Door Supervision means that each and every entrance there will be our very own certified security personnel in place to guard who enters or exits the premises. We guarantee Reliable and honest security personnel. We put you in control of all your valuable time, property and products.


Depending on your security needs, we have a pool of options to best suit your requirements or preference.
From A full uniform security guard, to private clothing for undercover purposes or a form suit for VIP protection purposes. You name it and we gladly provide.

Automated door supervisions

We also offer our 2 in1 service which is an automated cards or thumbs entrance service but the 2 in 1 means that on top of this digital detecting entrance allowance We also have a security personnel to look after your premises or entrance / exit doors. Everyone may have cards to enter your premises but not everyone may be allowed to do so , That is why We make sure that your valuables are much and highly protected.



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