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About us

Khalima Security Services is a hundred percent South African company formed in 1998 and registered in 1999. The company, since its inception, has proudly delivered security service to various clients in the commercial, industrial and residential areas in different aspects. Despite the fact that Khalima has rendered services to big and small companies but it should be mentioned that it is still a developing company. By virtue of its size it can be guaranteed that its management with undivided attention confirms customer satisfaction.

Despite the high competition in the security industry Khalima has managed to compete with old and new, big and small companies. The advantage has always been the unique approach as well as the better understanding of the clients need. The market research exercise is usually done half yearly so as to maintain the competitive edge in service provision and be able to change with times and customer taste. Having managed to maintain high performance standards Khalima has been able to remain in business.

Our vision and mission


Our mission is to provide professional, dynamic, strategic, and logistical services that will go beyond our customer expectations through protection measures, guarding and patrol services by our trained and qualified officers. We strive to be effective enough to deliver the best yet effective security services to the whole South Africa.


The company is aimed to become a determined role player, on regional , national and international basis, in crime prevention on human life and property, to curtail losses of our clients by providing professional and integrated service in the following fields:
• Retail and commercial industry;
• Industrial zone;
• Banking industry;
• VIP protection and special events;
• Transportation or cargo removers.